why is USA supporting taiwan?


China does not like America’s support for Taiwan at all. Taiwan is also one of the reasons for the increasing tension between America and China. China keeps threatening that it will attack Taiwan in the future and make it a part of the People’s Republic of China, but if this happens, what will America do in this situation?

Can America go to war with China to save Taiwan? If this happens, will it be the beginning of the Third World War?
To be honest, it is not right to reach any conclusion so quickly. Geopolitical experts do not see this as the beginning of the Third World War but in some other form.

At the geopolitical level, America’s biggest competitor at the moment is China. Be it economy or defense, China is competing with America in every field and it is important for America to be prepared for every kind of situation and threat for its own self-interest and its own security, that is why America plays this game of geopolitics very carefully.

Why does America support Taiwan

One big reason is that Taiwan is in the anti-communist and pro-democracy lobby. One of the reasons for America supporting Taiwan is also ideology. America has always advocated freedom and democracy in the world, so it is important to support Taiwan.

Apart from ideology, there are many other reasons why America supports Taiwan.
Taiwan is at the forefront of the world in terms of semiconductors and America is also dependent on Taiwan for semiconductors. If China attacks Taiwan, it is not known what China will do with the semiconductor industry there. If Taiwan’s security is in danger, then the supply chain of semiconductors all over the world will also be in danger. If this supply chain is to be saved, then it is necessary to protect Taiwan.

Why does China want to occupy Taiwan?

Why does China want to occupy Taiwan?

The problem between China and Taiwan is several decades old. Before the formation of the People’s Republic of China, there was a civil war between the Communist Party and the Nationalist Party in China, in which the Communist Party eventually won and the National Party settled on an island. This island was present in the eastern part of China.

The Communist Party formed the People’s Republic of China on Mainland China and the Nationalist Party formed Taiwan, also known as the Republic of China, on this island. Currently, most countries in the world recognize Communist China i.e. the People’s Republic of China. The number of countries recognizing Taiwan as a country is not high.

China believes that Taiwan should also be a part of the People’s Republic of China and for this it has been preparing for several decades so that Taiwan can be occupied. This tension between China and Taiwan is also becoming a reason for tension between America and China.

What can the US do to protect Taiwan?

There is little chance that the US will go to war with China to protect Taiwan. When Russia attacked Ukraine, it was feared that NATO and the US might get involved in this war. But this did not happen. The US did not enter the war to support Ukraine, but the US provided it with economic and military aid. It is expected that it will do the same with Taiwan. So far, the US has provided military aid worth several million dollars to Taiwan. The US wants Taiwan to become so strong militarily that it can cause maximum damage to China. China has seen that Russia is in a good position in the Ukraine war, so maybe China will learn from this and will not attack Taiwan with a small attack but a very big one. What will happen next, only the future will tell.


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